Classification of the eating disorders. Anorexia nervosa – is po …

Classification of euthanasia.

Anorexia is a disease characterized by deliberate weight loss that causes and / or maintains the patient. There is also an abnormal neuropathy, when one or more major symptoms of anorexia such as amenorrhea or significant weight loss are present, but otherwise the clinical picture is quite typical.

Bulimia nervosa is a disorder characterized by recurrent overweight shocks and excessive concern for controlling body weight, which leads the patient to take great measures to reduce "full" food effects. This term is limited to the form of disorder associated with anorexia, in fact sharing common psychological symptoms with it. There are also unnatural neurons, when one or more key signs of bulimia nervosa are absent, but otherwise the clinical picture is quite typical. Most often this applies to people with normal or even weight, but with typical periods of overheating, following vomiting or taking laxatives … Psychogenic overeating. Overeating, which leads to excessive weight and is a reaction to distress. Can monitor the loss of loved ones, accidents, surgical procedures and emotional consumption, especially in people who are adequate.

Psychiatric vomiting. In addition to stimulating vomiting in bulimia nervosa, repeated vomiting may occur with dissociative
disturbance, urticaria, as there may be some symptoms and during pregnancy when the origin of nausea and vomiting may have an emotional effect.

Immune diseases are not limited to the species specified in ICD-10. There are several other species that have not yet formed a common view in science, but whose own names are discussed in the scientific journals:

Neuropathy is a longing desire to eat right, it's only healthy food.


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