SWIPE RIGHT ️️ The first movie was taken in November last and last this novembe …

The first picture was taken in November last and last November. Easy amount of progress in a single year, if something shows you can not expect results overnight and you have to be ready to work on time. The second picture was taken at the end of my weight with a pump and a third around 4 weeks for an 8 week low cut. The last marker ends the ditch. I should say that being smoother is somewhat overrated, because I was much more fun to be flexible with my food and being able to train so harder and push much more at 205 pounds than at 193 pounds in the last figure. By the end of the day, I hope I can offer some motivation for someone who wants to change. If you want any help, please send me a DM, Facebook message or my email: dfoutsfit@gmail.com 📧 if you want to learn how to maximize lean volume and maintain low body fat or if you are looking to cut down and maintain size for the spring break hmu📥. Thanks for all who support a little more to come.

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