Orgasm in Women – Tips to Give Your Woman That Big "O"

Men and women alike are curious about that big ‘O’ or orgasm in women. Indeed, many women may not have explored the ways to experience that intense pleasure in lovemaking. Men on the other hand are baffled with how to please their women in bed and are curious how to give orgasm to their women.

If you are one of the men who want to be good lover, or if you just want to please your wife in bed, you can actually find some tips and ideas that might help you give an orgasm to your woman.

– Make her feel relaxed and comfortable. One thing that can make an orgasm in women happen is to make her free from worries and tension at the start of the act. Although a big part of this should be taken cared of by the woman herself, you can help her with this by making her feel relaxed and comfortable. A good massage is a good option you can do at this point.

– Prolonged foreplay. Yes, women love foreplay – gentle touching, caressing their faces, kissing their neck and even running your hands through their hair are actions that make them feel loved and appreciated. Tell her you love her and reinforce your actions with words. Foreplay slowly builds sexual tension in women and sets their body and mind towards the lovemaking. The mind is powerful organ involved in the sexual act. If you want to give a woman orgasm, you must also make sure her mind is totally set and focused in enjoying the lovemaking and foreplay can do wonders in that aspect.

– Orgasm in women may not be through intercourse. You have to understand that not all women can reach orgasm through intercourse, and some may also need to be in a specific sexual position to reach orgasm during intercourse. You have to understand too that most often orgasm in women can be achieved not through intercourse but through oral or manual stimulation of the clitoris. Some women may even reach orgasm without them knowing it. If you are determined to please your woman in bed and give your woman that big ‘O,’ you have to explore the many ways to pleasure your woman.

– Ask what pleases her. Giving your woman an orgasm may start from asking her what she wants. Although the ability of the woman to reach orgasm relies mainly on her, you can however please her in bed by helping her reach that intense sexual pleasure. You can let her feel comfortable to open up to what she really wants or you can ask her. It could be the best way to know what pleasures her. One technique that can make this easy for you and your woman is to learn how to talk dirty. Making her feel comfortable about talking dirty can lead to making her say what she wants you to do to pleasure her.

Indeed, orgasm in women can be quite a challenge for men, but if you know some techniques on how to give it to her, for sure you’ll enjoy a great sex life with your partner and an exciting relationship as well.

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